It's all about the coffee

August 24, 2009

No grinding coffee for me

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It’s Monday and time for the daily grind.
I just can,t get into grinding coffee.
Yes I know the aroma is wonderful and the taste is great,but the idea of doing those extra steps seems like such a grind.
I prefer to use coffee that is already ground.
Quick and easy.


August 22, 2009

I saw a movie then had coffee

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I saw the movie Julie& Julia.
Little did I know it was also about blogging.
Makes you think.
Yea was it just me or did you notice the same character treats in both husbands.
I love the movie how about you.


August 18, 2009

Looking at my flowers

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While drinking moring coffee I was looking at flowers.

Then I though I would take a photo of it with my Kodak digital camera.

The flowers were from my mom.Food  Drink & Cooking Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory

Mom is no longer with us but it's nice to see the flowers.

August 17, 2009

Monday 09-17-2009

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Went to Carbou coffee to get out of the house.

Had the ice coffee as the summer heat was in the 90,s

The chairs their are very comfortable and the people are friendly.

August 15, 2009

I discovered flickr

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While drinking coffee I discovered


August 14, 2009

I write on e how

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It,s friday

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Been a busy summer for me.

Although I was off for the summer because I am a teacher.

Getting back to busy I have been baby sitting the grandkids durning the day.

Yesterday we went to the county fair.

         Back to my theme on coffee.

As much as  I like having coffee at home tis nice to get away from the computer and the blogging.

My husband and i go to different coffee houses.

One of the most memoriable was when we went to

Seekers which is a christian based coffee house.

Sometimes they have local groups that play Christian Contempory music.

A few years ago we went to seekers and they had a special guest singer.

It was Ashley Cleveland.

Wow what a great singer

August 13, 2009

Coffee and relaxing

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I like to go to a Borders book store where they have a coffee shop.

At the one I go to they let you read current magazines while you drink coffee.

I like to take a look at the computer magazines to see what,s new.CoffeeArt

It’s all about the coffee

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Coffee goes deep into our being.

Perhaps from early child hood seeing our parents drinking it.

Then of course that distinct aroma.

There is alot going on here then just mere taste.

The memories that it triggers in your mind.

Just like when i cook my husbands favorite meal that his mom cooked,

stuffed cabbbage.I can see the profound effect it has upon him.

It’s like going home again

Hello world!

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